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STARWHITE Paper, white for all occasions.
Stellar surface that offers irresistible tactile softness and superior printing performance by any occasion.


Finish: Soft Touch, Vellum, Hi Tech, Smooth

Characteristics: For any occasion, STARWHITE® Papers offer you the opportunity to make a brilliant impression. From the identity project that demands the ultimate surface, to the brochure requiring a truly captivating touch, to the invitation that needs to be as star-studded as the event itself. STARWHITE® Papers offer whites in perfect alignment with your design needs.

Stationery, Brochure, Annual Report, Direct mail, Certificate, Invitation card, etc

Code No. Sub. Weight Color Finish Size FSC™ Recycled Low carbon
SW253-2F 118 gsm Tiara Vellum 635x965mm -
SW254-2F 118 gsm Tiara Hi Tech 635x965mm -
SW554-2F 238 gsm Tiara Hi Tech 660x1016mm -
SW155-2F 104 gsm Archiva Smooth 635x965mm -
SW355-2F 148 gsm Archiva Smooth 635x965mm -
SW555-2F 238 gsm Archiva Smooth 660x1016mm -
SW256-2F 118 gsm Flash White Smooth 635x965mm -
SW456-2F 227 gsm Flash White Smooth 660x1016mm -
SW257-2F 118 gsm Flash Blue Smooth 635x965mm -
SW457-2F 227 gsm Flash Blue Smooth 660x1016mm -
SW258-2F 118 gsm Flash Pearl Smooth 635x965mm -
SW458-2F 227 gsm Flash Pearl Smooth 660x1016mm -
SW259-2F 118 gsm Flash Natural Smooth 635x965mm -
SW652-2F 297 gsm Natural Soft Touch 660x1016mm -
  • Environmental Features
  • FSC Mix
    Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
    Acid Free
    Lignin Free
    Green-e Certified


  • Remarks
  • Second Dimension = Grain Direction


    Information subject to change according to mill's latest updates


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